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I reseached over 600 titles (601 to be exact) on First Names and over 300 titles about Heraldry and Coat of Arms and was suprised at the amount of specialized books. I've tried to select useful books for people who are interested in digging into their first or last names origins or looking for the perfect name for their future child or learn about the facinating history and art of Heraldry.

But, if you are looking for a particular ethnic bent on names, I found many titles featuring first names for African-Americans, Irish, Germans, Austrailian, Russian, Japanese, Hispanic, Scottish, etc. I discovered litterally hundreds of baby name books from alphabetical listings to detailed treatments on just ONE name! Along the way I found many dictionaries for Given Names, Nicknames, Surnames, Christian names, Jewish names, Muslin names, Greek names and American names. Use the convenient search tool at the bottom of this page to find more books about Names.

I even found books on how to change your name by state, why women should or shouldn't take their husbands surname, how to remember names and faces (see below), Numerology, and why each of us has a 'Secret' name based on our given name.

So, along with,, here are my selections. If you have any suggestions, please, send them along!

Scott Thomas, Owner

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Books About Names
[All In A Name has this book!]
Contains 9000 names with individual personality traits. This was highly reviewed by readers, recieving a 5 Star rating. In the words of the author, Pierre Le Rouzic, "Names contain secret vibrations we are unaware of, yet which exist nonetheless -- just as we cannot hear the sound from an ultrasonic whistle that a dog hears perfectly well".
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] The Name Book: Over 10,000 Names--Their Meanings, Origins, and Spiritual Significance  
[All In A Name has this book!]
For years, this book has been the treasurey of the meanings and origins of names, a welcome help in researching the rich heritage behind a name. No other book on the market aproaches the subject from such a specifically Christian perspective, offering each name's spiritual significance and life verse. Now this valuable reference has been updated for the next generation with new names and alternative spellings.
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] First Name Reverse Dictionary: Given Names Listed by Meaning  
[All In A Name has this book!]
Looking for Names depicting certain personality traits? Need a charactor name for a story or book that means strong, brave or intelligent? At 206 pages, there is no way this can be a comprehensive list of names and their meanings, but it is a good start at a different, fun, and helpful way to select names for a baby or a story charactor.
Baby Name Books
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] Unusual & Most Popular Baby Names  
[All In A Name has this book!]
An entertaining guide to popular baby names lists and ranks some one thousand of America's favorite names, nicknames and variations, and information on famous names holders. These names are definitly unusual or different and are up to beat, popular names. This is a wonderful, fulfilling baby name book and shares great ideas for names.
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] Baby Names for the New Century  
[All In A Name has this book!]
You want a name that gives your baby a foundation for forging a unique identity, a name that expresses your hopes for the future. Here is the 21st century approach to finding a name for your baby that perfectly reflects your lifestyle, your interests, and your heritage. In tune with today's changing world,the extraordinary Baby Name Data Bank provides modern parents with classical, multi-cultural, and ethnic listings.
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] The African-American Baby Name Book  
[All In A Name has this book!]
Names are a hallmark of our heritage, reflections of both the ethnic and religious roots of our past and our dreams for our children's future. This A-to-Z guide includes more than 10,000 names, ranging from African names to contemporary names to traditonal Muslim names and more. Also featured is advice on alternative spellings, information on origins and meanings, and tips on choosing a name that will help parents reflect the treasure of the child who owns it.
Books About Heraldry & Coats of Arms
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] Heraldry: An Introduction to a Nobel Tradition  
[All In A Name has this book!]
The art of heraldry is a living vestige of the great medieval world of European chivalry. Gone are the knights-in-armor, the castles are in ruins, and many of the families who bore these proud coats of arms have disappeared, but the tradition of the heraldic crest survives in the flags, emblems, and corporate logos of the modern world. Where does heraldry come from? How did it begin? What do the colors and symbols mean? Read and discover a world of splendid pageantry.
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] Design Your Own Coat Of Arms  
[All In A Name has this book!]
This book will show you how to design a coat of arms, step by step. The rules governing the way a coat of arms is designed have evolved over hundreds of years, but they can be easily explained and are not difficult to understand. Design your own coat of arms for your club, school or class.
Associated Name Stuff
[CLICK HERE TO ORDER] How to Remember Names and Faces (Audio Book)  
[All In A Name has this audio book!]
Okay, so this isn't exactly about name meanings...however, even though I've been running All In A Name for the past three years, my worst fault is that I have trouble remembering people's names! I know, so this audio book has helped me personally and I highly recommend it. A 5 Star rating!

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