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Student Gift Ideas Teacher Gift Ideas
Girl Student Name Print
Girl Student Name Print
Teacher Cartoon
Elementary Teacher Print
All In A Name has great gifts for celebrating a the end of the school year, holiday or special occasion. By adding the birth date and a personal message, our Name Prints make perfect gifts for all your students. Our Personalized Cartoons are a fun way of thanking your teacher for a great year or reaching retirement. We have over 500 different images to choose from featuring sports, hobbies, occupations, couples, family, and many more.
Special pricing for Teachers make it very affordable. We use a Pink Marble art background for Girls and Blue Marble for the Boys. Each print has the students Birthdate and a personal message. The personal message must be the same for each print. Here's an example: Mrs. Smith's 4th Grade Class of 2003. Prices are just $2.00 per Student Name. Use the Email link above and let us know if you are interested. Keychains and Magnets (not shown) can be produced from all of our cartoon prints. To further create a unique gift, anywhere you see printed text on the cartoon samples, you can add your own text like the birth date, team names, scores, places and personal greetings. A special note on the Teacher cartoon prints, you can even add a message that goes on the blackboard. Something like, To the Best Teacher in the World is a nice touch.
Boy Student Name Print
Boy Student Name Print
Teacher Cartoon
Jr/High School Teacher Print
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